• Monday, July 03rd, 2017

None wants to let the opportunity of earning money slip away. Especially, when you are in the profiting side you always want it to work in your favor. Your profit shall always include some investment on which you can decide of it’s a gain or a loss. What about the things which have no individual investment? You have no hopes from most of them. Scrap is an example of such. It seems completely useless to you stuffed at the junkyard. But did you know that you can earn money from that which you assumed to be useless?

How can you earn?

It is unknown to many that scrap metal can be recycled for cash payments at local scrap metal dealers in Singapore. This initiative is taken keeping in mind the green movement. The LKG Recycling Trading is a scrap metal dealer who is good at scrap metal Singapore. They deal with customers that are in the metal industry those who come across metal on daily basis. The construction companies have tons of steel beams, electrical wires and equipments, plumbing materials in copper piping and brass fixtures.

There are two types of metals in this. The ferrous metals stick to magnets and are not worth much. On the other hand non ferrous metals like copper, bronze, aluminum, brass etc are valuable. Homeowners often find it difficult to step in and arrange the metals but it is the right way to sort.

Why us?

You surely want to know why we are telling you to come to us and deal with that scrap. We have loads of services to offer you so that your dealing becomes easy. We have disposal service of bulky waste. We deal with metals of types, cables, wires, machinery, generator, forklift etc. We take care of electronic components, rejects, and letters of destruction and provide transport for heavy industrial vehicles and materials. We are good at Demolition & Dismantling Services. We are heavy industrial movers and remove and replace heavy items such as old chillers etc.

Contact today

So don’t miss the opportunity of earning money. Anyway you are about to throw it away so better earn something from it. Contact us to get the best deals. We are honest at evaluating metals and shall pay you as much as you deserve. Do visit our website for any further details.

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