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• Friday, February 17th, 2017

In the era of globalisation, more and more business owners from the SME sector decide to approach new, foreign markets with their products and services. Today, the developments in technology allow such businesses to interact with customers based abroad with much more ease than even just 10 years ago. Nevertheless, there are several factors, which can directly or indirectly influence the success of an international expansion strategy. One of the most important factors, which is often forgotten by business owners, is expanding to new markets with a tailored approach in mind. Being able to present your content and information as well as the USP in a way which will be fully understood by your potential foreign customers can sometimes be tricky. Different language, customs, traditions or even religion can in many cases have an effect on your campaign.

In order to develop a strategy which increases changes of success, a number of business owners decide to work with a professional translation agency, which offers guidance throughout the process.

Translate your website

Often, your website might be the first, and perhaps the only, point of contact between you and your customer abroad. Ensuring that your company provides all the necessary information in your visitor’s native language is simply fundamental. A recent study showed, that over 25% of EU residents purchase goods and services from abroad regularly. Predictably, 95% of those consumers feel more inclined to commit to a purchase if the information provided was in their mother tongue. Working with a professional translation agency can guarantee that the content of your website will be translated accurately and reliably, ensuring that your visitors will be able to find just the information they are looking for.

Localise your content

Although an accurate translation is extremely important, it sometimes isn’t enough. In some cases, your content will not only have to be translated but also localised, to ensure it is suitable for your target audience. Colours, symbols, time and date as well as currency must all be adjusted in order to make sure that your website is culturally appropriate. By localising your content, you’ll build a stronger relationship with your customers and create a much better brand image abroad, allowing you to establish a strong position within a foreign market.

Marketing and legal material

In addition to translating and localising your website, a translation company will also be able to translate your marketing and legal materials. Similarly to a business website, other marketing material such as leaflets, business cards or proposals must be carefully and accurately translated in order to approach the potential customers from an individual angle. By working with a professional agency, you can ensure that your content will be translated and localised accurately which could influence and maintain the professional image of your business.

Furthermore, it is also extremely important to translate your legal documents such as contracts, terms and conditions or warranties. Allowing consumers to fully understand your legal terms can be extremely beneficial for both – yourself and your clients.

Social Media

With new technology come new trends and social media are now certainly on a rise within the business environment. Being able to instantly communicate with your customers, grow brand awareness or crate a consumer friendly image of your company are only few amongst the many benefits of including social media in your marketing mix. When approaching foreign customers, it is important to remember that not all of them speak English and therefore must be communicated with in their native language. Working with a translation company which specialises in marketing translation services will allow you to target your content specifically at your overseas customers in a language which will be fully understood by them.

As you can see, conducting a professional translation can bring many benefits to your business, especially when expanding internationally. A translation agency will not only translate your content literally and word for word, but will also localise it so that it is suitable for the market you intend to enter. From website and marketing material to your legal documents – ensuring that your potential clients are able to fully understand how your business operates and what your USP is, can motivate them to purchase your goods and services.

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