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• Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Singapore being one of fastest growing industrial and businesses emerging countries all over the world, it attains highest rank in World Bank Surveys. As Singapore gives best environment to setup potential business centers, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get involved in Singapore company incorporation. However, you cannot directly form company there without incorporating with existing Singapore Company as mediator. However nominating legal entity is quite important so as to avoid future issues in defining liability, seeking new opportunities for expanding business, income tax filing, etc. Singapore Government has already come up with development of legal entities to ensure more foreign incorporation happen which may improve their economy. You may need help in providing options to execute your business ideas, assisting in legal documentation, arrangement of skilled and potential manpower, etc. After deciding on which part of Singapore you want to setup your company try finding a mediator company to incorporate with you.

Registration and Utmost Support of SG Government

As Singapore Government is open to 5 billion markets in Asia, developing infrastructure to setup company is quite possible. As helping hand, Singapore reduced all strict legislation with respect to formation of companies in their homeland. In fact, they offered user friendly online options to help new entrepreneurs and also to retain corruption free status. There are absolutely no limitations for capital amount to be invested or what kind of currency you hold with. Even if you have foreign currencies, you are still eligible to set up your company in Singapore. Singapore company formation needs legal registration which can be done once legal entity is defined clearly. On registration, it completes incorporation of your company in Singapore.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to relocate to Singapore to look after your company. You get two types of Visa approved when you complete company registration in Singapore, which include “EntrePass” and “Employment Pass”. The former is for owner while the latter is for employees who would travel frequently to Singapore to look after business process. To get this Visa approved, proper documentation is required. Just few simple legal steps carried will help you to incorporate company in Singapore.

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