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• Saturday, November 05th, 2016

Golfing has become a passion for many people out there. The challenges that a golfer has to face and the intimacy it brings to the game make it more irresistible for the players and hence there are many people who choose this game. However, there are many things that you should know before choosing the right golf course for you to play on. Direct Fairways make it quite easier because they are one of the leading golf advertising companies in Arizona. Before choosing a golf course, you should first understand the difference between them. There are two types of golf courses; private and public golf courses. Public courses, as the name indicates belong to the country or the municipality to which it belongs. The revenue generated by it normally comes from the public who pay a fee to use the course. There are some public courses that have a membership fee and hence you should pay it to use the course. When it comes to private courses the concept is entirely different. These belong to a private organization or group who set up their own rules and they decide who can become members.

Five main things to take a note of:

While choosing a golf course you should also check on the condition of the lawns that is maintained by them. Make sure it is good and well maintained. Also check if the club house is good and well taken care of. Also check on the way how the staff greet you and how well they treat you. Just in case if you find them quite busy then it is a clear indication that they are understaffed. Also check on the store that is associated with the course. If it is a pro store then it should be well equipped. However, at Direct Fairways they have set up a clear profile of how a golfer should be. The average income of a golfer should be around $85,960. Also nearly about 90% of the golfers there are homeowners. Also many golfers belonging to the club are businessmen or decision makers of a business run by someone else.

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