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• Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Australia is the largest country continent in the world. It is one of the places in the world, which has a very low density of population. In fact the population of Australia is so low that the density of population in the lowest for any country in the southern hemisphere. With such a low population there are many advantages that comes with it. Firstly, there is not a huge strain on the local resources which is better as many countries face a crunch in resources. Similarly there are many other merits of this situation. However, there are also many disadvantages with this situation. Firstly, as the population in very low and scattered the market potential for any business is relatively low. As a result it is not possible for companies to scale up easily and reap high profits. When compared to emerging and large markets like China and India, Australia has a smaller market potential. The problem does not end there and it poses many other problems for the companies and businesses here.

If You Are Not On The Internet, Then You Do Not Exist

Firstly, it becomes extremely ineffective when it comes to the conventional marketing techniques. As the population is very low the reach of aggressive marketing and advertising is not very good. A lot of money is wasted in this channel as the return on investment is very low. This makes the situation worse as many company loses money in resource intensive advertising. The only plausible medium to advertise the products and services is through the SEO Perth and email marketing.

Other than these techniques, it is very important for the company to get featured high on the google searches. In a country like Australia with a fairly advanced internet penetration, if you are from Melbourne or if your business is based from the city, then you should optimize the content according to the local searches and a good Melbourne SEO company can do this one for you. it has become possible and cost effective to market and advertise in the online medium. In order to get featured high in the search, the content of your website should be optimized for search engines.

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