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• Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

A detailed brief about asbestos is necessary before looking into the possible hazards it can cause to people. Asbestos is a type of natural mineral that is found in nature. Large-scale usage of products made from these minerals began in the 19th century. It has several properties that make it affordable and economic to use. These are available in different types that can be mixed with cement and made into mats or sheets. There are evidences that show these materials were used to make cooking utensils and pots during earlier ages. It was during the industrial period that extensive use of these resources where made to make pipe insulation, rooftops, fireproof walls, concrete, bricks etc. Since the popularity of the products made from asbestos was increasing intensive mining of the product has started. This resulted in several health hazards for the people working in the mines and involved in related manufacturing units. People exposed to these minerals need to take proper care to avoid being affected with its adverse effects. The particles that release while mining these products are minute and could be inhaled by the person working in the mines. This could result in contracting several ailments related to the lungs and abdomen.

Complications arising from frequent exposure

Some of the ailments that can occur in people who are exposed to asbestos are lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis etc. There have been reported fatalities caused to people exposed to these fine particles. Though there are no immediate effects of these on health the long-term risks could be fatal. The KRW Accident Lawyers make the clients aware of the possible threat they are in while working in companies that deal with asbestos related manufacturing. Every person affected by diseases related to over exposure to these minerals can claim for compensation. Though the production of these substances has been banned in many countries there are still some companies that manufacture them. KRW Accident Lawyers advises their clients to be examined by doctors to check for any related symptoms. People are entitled to get compensated for their physical and financial condition. These claims are time consuming since the symptoms of illness appear only after several years of exposure.

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