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• Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Feel the adventure and excitement of the 80s PACMAN arcade game and opt for  Z/2 Classic from Chaco. Timeless sandals with an added PAC-MAN print on the adjustable straps. Experience all day  comfort and support with LUVSEAT PU footbed and polyester jacquard webbing upper. These  sandals include ChacoGrip technology  for your trail and hiking adventures. Best feature is the antimicrobial application which keep odor away.

Feel like you are wearing soft pillows and opt for Z/CLOUD X2 from Chaco. Get ready for the ultimate hike and kayak experience in Australia with  no unexpected problems. These sandals provide extra control and security with a toe loop. You’ll feel the difference the moment you slip  your feet on  Z/CLOUD X2. Experience comfort at its best with the extra cushioning. These sandals have  great  arch support and adjustable straps for comfortable fit. Forget  about  feet problems and pain Z/2 sandals feel like you are barefoot.

Leave your sandals at home and opt for PINELAND MOC from Chaco. Timeless and good looking moccasins in an outdoor adventure version. These moccasins have Chaco’s rubber sole and LUVSEAT footbed for an all day  comfort. The most comfortable casual looking shoes you’ll wear.These shoes are perfect to wear at the office. Even on long long work shifts your feet won’t feel tired. Plus they are easy to clean if you get them dirty.Wear with a skirt, jeans or shorts.

Running shoes don’t offer the support you need for  your active life. Take care of your feet and opt for KANARRA from Chaco. The street version of the outdoor shoe in bright colors with an EcoTread outsole, and dual-textile uppers. The best shoes for going on a long walk around the city. These  shoes are in a comfortable fit. There is plenty of room for your toes to move. Lightweight shoes  with  great  traction are perfect  climbing and hiking.

Prepare for winter. Everyone will think you’re going hiking with stylish Fields boots from Chaco. A combination of a premium and worn-in look. With ChacoGrip block outsole and LUVSEAT footbed for maximum comfort and support. Great construction boots in the perfect fit. Walk comfortably on ideal wet and cold weather conditions. ChacoGrip keeps your feet dry and warm.  Pair effortlessly with jeans, tights and pants. Leave your mark with these boots and be ready for lots of compliments.

Get into outdoor fashion. Show your love for the outdoors and get WRIST WRAPS from Chaco. These wrist wraps are made from polyester jacquard straps, the same use of Z sandals. Pick your favorite pattern to add to your everyday outfits. Stylish and comfortable wrist wraps are durable.

Why Chaco sandals and shoes?

Chaco sandals and shoes are supportive  and made from quality materials. Important to note that they are made in the US and are vegan-friendly.

Count you will come back to Chaco again and again.

Shop for everyday sandals and shoes with an outdoor flair at Chaco.

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